09/12/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jenna Bush, Mary Cheney Were Secret Service Problem, Says Ron Kessler (VIDEO)

In Ron Kessler's new book, "Bush's Law," he reports that the Bush twins and Mary Cheney created problems for their Secret Service detail.

Specifically, he writes that Jenna Bush's then-fiance got so drunk that the Secret Service had to rush him to a hospital in Georgetown and that agents had to break up a barroom brawl he started.

In addition, Kessler reports that Mary Cheney got the Secret Service to remove the leader of her detail after the agent refused to take her friends to restaurants.

Kessler described more details in an interview with MSNBC:

They [the Bush twins] were a terror. Of course they got better later on. Jenna, especially, would purposely evade the Secret Service, would actually go through red lights to evade her detail. She and her then-boyfriend who became her husband, Henry Hager, became so drunk - he did - at a Halloween party that the agents had to take him to Georgetown University Hospital.

The other time, they almost got into a brawl at a bar in Georgetown. They had to intervene. Very, very difficult.

Mary Cheney, also, wanted to get the Secret Service to take her friends to restaurants. And the Secret Service refused. For that, she had the detail leader removed.