09/19/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Max Baucus Is Scared Of "The YouTubes"

Max Baucus is a conservative Democrat from Montana who arguably holds the fate of health care reform in his hands. Another fun fact about Max Baucus is that he's accepted so goddamn much money from corporate health care interests this year that lobbyist cash is now permanently imprinted on his genome.

But now we have discovered something new about Baucus: THE INTERNET, IT SCURRS HIM!

Via ThinkProgress, comes a great pull from Mark Leibovich's article today, "Baucus, and the Debate on Health Care, Go West," in which we learn that Baucus has a strange, Fox Mulderian take on the interwebs:

After speaking at a preventive-care conference here last week, he was swarmed by protesters. Or, in Mr. Baucus's words, "agitators, whose sole goal was to intimidate, disrupt and not let any meaningful conversation go on." There were a couple of people in the crowd "with YouTubes," Mr. Baucus added (meaning cameras), and he posited that the agitators were paid and probably from out of state. ("I could just sense it," he said.)

If he's that afraid of the people with "YouTubes," just wait until he finds out about the people with Twitter! (Or, you know, the ones with assault weapons!)

Anyway, meet Max Baucus, who will play a large part in determining whether you get to see a doctor, ever.

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