Comparison Of Global Purchasing Power Finds Oslo, Copenhagen, Zurich, Geneva Most Expensive Cities

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Oslo, Copenhagen, Zurich, Geneva, Tokyo and New York have been dubbed the most expensive cities in the world.

The UBS "Prices and Earnings" survey of 73 international cities placed the five at the top of the pile when it came to prices for comparable goods and services.

Workers in Zurich and Geneva also earn the highest net wages of countries surveyed, while in stark contrast, the average employee in Delhi, Manila, Jakarta and Mumbai earns less than one-fifteenth of the Swiss hourly wage.

A Chicago worker can enjoy a Big Mac after just 12 minutes of work, but it takes someone earning a wage in Nairobi over 2.5 hours to earn the price of a Big Mac.

Employees in Cairo and Seoul seem the hardest working, putting in some 600 hours more annually than the average worker in Western Europe.

French cities boast the shortest annual working hours.

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