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Health Care Reform Supporters Outnumber Detractors In Florida Town Hall

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Health care reform proponents filled a town hall in Delray Beach, FL today to speak with Reps. Alcee Hastings and Robert Wexler, whose districts both include areas of Palm Beach County. People started arriving hours before the doors opened, holding signs with a range of messages.

The proceedings remained relatively cordial inside, due in part to organizer Tony Fransetta who read the town hall rules to start things off. The Sun Sentinel reported Fransetta's creative tactics.

Everything goes on index cards. "It's our position that all questions will be answered," Fransetta said. "If we have 50 questions turned in I think we can get through them all."

"No one will be allowed to jump up from the floor and start advocating or speaking on any position."

Anyone who violates that rule will get two warnings. At the third warning, the person will be removed from the room.

Both Hastings and Wexler support a public option and, for the most part, so did the packed audience at the South County Civic Center. However, the over 500 sign-wielding protesters outside were evenly split on the issue.

Citizen reporter Stephen Malagodi captured the scene.

Health Care Town Hall In Florida
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