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Bull Fighting: France's Christian Baile Seriously Injured In Latest Goring

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A French man officiating at a bull fighting event in Carcassonne, France, was seriously injured when a bull broke into the safety area beside the ring, The Independent reports.

Christian Baile, 55, was acting as ceremonial umpire for the event and had been a central figure in reviving bull fighting in the town 10 years ago.

Baile was initially struck in the thigh by the bull before it charged into the safety area a second time, striking him in the chest and abdomen.

A man was killed in northern Colombia under a week ago after he was gored by a bull after entering the arena to imitate the bullfighters, ITN reports.

Watch the ITN footage here:

One person was killed and at least four were injured during this year's traditional Spanish bull run in Pamplona.

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