Gerard Butler's Dogfight Feud Continues: Which Dog Owner Is In The Right? (VIDEO, POLL)

09/28/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Katy Hall Managing Features Editor, Huffington Post

The owner of Mayfly, a greyhound in New York City whose head Gerard Butler allegedly slammed against a fence on Monday, has filed a police report. Fred Varecka claims that Mayfly touched noses with Butler's unleashed pug, Lolita, and Butler flew into a screaming rage, smacking the greyhound in the head and calling for her euthanasia.

"In a matter of seconds he slapped the dogs face, dog went flying up against the fence," Varecka told ABC news.

Butler's story differs. According to his spokesperson, "huge, menacing" Mayfly took several chomps out of Lolita's neck and the pug spent the afternoon being treated for her injuries at an Upper East Side vet. No vet bills or photos have surfaced.

Watch Varecka tell his tale and weigh in.


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