Monday's Late Night Round-Up: Jenna Bush's New Gig, Cheney's Addiction, And More! (VIDEO)

10/17/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Good morning, dear readers, and welcome to Monday's Late Night Round-Up. It's getting close to lunchtime, and no one looks forward to lunch more than someone sitting in an office (if for some reason you're reading this and not in an office, well, lucky you, don't rub it in). Now, to the menu!

For your first course, we're offering Fallon's discovery of the greatest pot in the world (how appropriate!) and Letterman poking fun at the ladies of "The View." Also available, if you're in the mood for a more savory starter, is Cheney's revealing line about being a "junkie," and Sylvester "Grandpa" Stallone starring in a new Rambo movie. We recommend ordering them all and sharing the laughter.

For your main course, we're pleased to present a pile-on of Jenna Bush and NBC's announcement that she has been hired as a "Today Show" correspondent. Really, pretty much everyone got in on the action.

For dessert, we leave you with an example of one of our favorite things about standup comedy: the joke that goes wrong and becomes funnier in the process. Conan is particularly good at this, and he's become even better now that Andy Richter has returned to riff of his mix-ups. Watching Conan mangle his way through a joke about a Cheech & Chong musical just leaves us giggly and warm inside, like the final glass of wine at dinner (but this is lunch, and we're not Mad Men, so behave).


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