10/20/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Courteney Cox Excited For "Cougar Town," Are You?

Courteney Cox is making her return to network primetime September 23 with the ABC sitcom "Cougar Town," which is being promoted with pretty funny trailers and video of her in her skivvies (scroll to watch). She plays a newly-single 40-ish mom who starts dating again. Cox also has a very nice LA Times profile this weekend, which is already online.

She tells the LAT (read the whole profile here) that she loves this role more than that of Monica on "Friends":

She said: "I hope this show is a huge hit and that people love it. Because I like playing this character more than any character I've ever played."

Cox, 45, also says she regrets the time she has wasted fretting about getting older.

"Well, the show doesn't make me think about aging -- I've been thinking about aging since I've been aging," Cox said with a laugh. "I can't believe the time I spent in my 30s, even late 30s, thinking about some of the stuff I did. That was ridiculous. What a waste of time. Now I actually need to start thinking about it."

The network's 3-minute trailer is below, filled presumably with the best the pilot has to offer. It also features Cox in two set of lingerie and a towel.

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