Diane Sawyer's "Good Morning America" Replacement Now Major Question Facing ABC: "Big Changes Are To Come"

12/07/2009 09:30 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

With Ms. Sawyer set to move to "World News" as Charles Gibson's replacement in January, "Good Morning America" -- the major moneymaker for Mr. Westin's news division -- will suddenly be without its rudder. The network has four months to come up with a solution. Tens of millions of dollars are riding on it....

"We're making a big change" with her move to the evenings, "and further big changes are to come," said Jim Murphy, the program's senior executive producer, in an interview. Mr. Murphy called "Good Morning America," or "G.M.A.," "an incredibly important program to the network and the people who watch it."

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