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Jimmy Fallon Quashes The Beef Between Keith Olbermann And Glenn Beck (VIDEO)

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"The comfort of today's mythical homespun aw-shucks-TV-totalitarian-Lonesome-Rhodes Glenn Beck is that everyday he gives away the essential truth that he is an idiot," quipped Keith Olbermann recently about his foe. He combines "the zeal of Paul Revere...and the spelling ability of a third grader," mocking Beck's misspelling of the world oligarchy as oligarhy.

This feud is nothing new, in 2007 Beck called Olbermann an "intolerant ideologue." "Hey, Keith, you're not saving the world's democracy; you're killing it, my friend, by trying to limit the marketplace of ideas to only those that reflect your own," he said.

Well Jimmy Fallon has had enough. After Olbermann blogged on The Daily Kos this week, asking people to "find everything you can about Glenn Beck..." (in response to Beck's own Twitter request for his followers to find dirty on Obama's advisers) Jimmy decided it was time to squash the beef. He has had some experience in this arena, but nothing as serious as these two TV toughs. Can he do it?


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