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Colbert Schools Kanye: This Was Actually An Attack On Me (VIDEO)

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Stephen Colbert returned to the air last night after a three-week break and jumped right in to the most important news of the day: Kanye West's outburst at the VMAs.

In 2008, Stephen Colbert launched "Operation Humble Kanye" when West's album was beating his own "A Colbert Christmas" on the iTunes chart. He asked fans to buy his album and claim the top spot. Kanye countered by tweeting, "Who the f**k is Stephen Colbert," showing exactly as much class as we've come to expect from him. But luckily for Colbert his plan worked.

Almost a year later, Kanye got up on stage during Taylor Swift's VMA acceptance speech and (probably drunkenly) yelled that Beyonce should have won.

Well, last night Colbert countered the attack, claiming Taylor Swift is his soulmate and that West was really trying to hurt him. "Kanye wasn't man enough to go after me himself...What kind of behavior is that?"


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Kanye West Interrupts Taylor Swift at the VMAs
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