11/15/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Saving The Sea Turtles: Want To Help?

Over the summer, over 55,000 people signed a petition from Sea Turtle Restoration Project, looking to put an end to longlining in the Gulf of Mexico. The group claims that the practice is unsustainable and that its elimination would save the lives of over 1,000 sea turtles every year and prevent the extinction of the rapidly depleting bluefin tuna.

Head over to the Sea Turtle Restoration Project's Action Center for a list of things you can do to protect this threatened species. If you think President Obama's been getting off too easy lately, you can even visit San Francisco and encourage him to issue an executive order protecting sea turtle populations, when White House officials are at the Ocean Policy Task Force Public Meeting on September 17.

Learn more about sea turtles by watching the video below or a clip from Last Journey Of The Leatherback.

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