Countdown's "Worst Persons In The World" Are Bachmann, Beck And Joe Wilson (VIDEO)

11/16/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tonight on Countdown's 'Worst Persons in the World' segment the winner was none other than Republican Congressman Joe Wilson. Wilson's outburst of "you lie!" during President Obama's speech came when Obama stated that health care reform would not mandate coverage for illegal immigrants. Wilson later said he knew this was a lie because he was an immigration attorney. Extensive investigation has, so far, turned up no records whatsoever that Wilson ever practiced any kind of immigration law.

As Olbermann put it, "You lie!"

Michele Bachmann took the bronze for seeing yet another conspiracy, this time that President Obama is possibly trying to control the nation's food supply, where there is none. Fox News' star host Glenn Beck came in second for an impassioned speech he gave in which he associated himself with Edward R. Murrow for his part in ousting Van Jones from the Obama administration. He then attributed a quote to Murrow that he never said, as well as misquoting the wrongly-attributed quote.


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