11/17/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Rachel Maddow 'Interviews' Health Care Reform, Who Blames Max Baucus For Everything

After a long August during which health care reform was linked to killing elderly people and rationing organ transplants and not voluntarily killing immigrants, isn't it time for someone to find out how health care reform feels about all of this?

Rachel Maddow did and last night conducted an "interview" with "health care reform," in a manner that should please aficionados of Schoolhouse Rock.

Know who else will enjoy this? Critics of Max Baucus -- which by all accounts from yesterday's news includes EVERYBODY.

MADDOW: Well, things did seem to be going pretty well for you! As recently as July you were approved in those three House Committees, you were approved in one Senate committee before the recess. You only had one committee to go. What happened?

HEALTH CARE REFORM: Max Baucus happened. He thought delaying me would make Republicans like me better. Yeah, right. As if!

Health Care Reform is right! People should listen, to Health Care Reform!

Maddow went on to point out that Baucus basically fumbled the job of shepherding the health care reform bill through his Senate Finance Committee, probably because his hands were full of stacks of dollar bills from various health care lobbyists. I'd imagine that some of that cheddar influenced his decision to shift from a clarion call for "Health care for all" to a weak-kneed plea, panning for nuggets of bipartisanship alongside Senator Chuck Grassley -- who everyone in the world, except for Max Baucus (I guess), seemed to understand was wholly negotiating in bad faith.

Maddow asks, "Was it worth it? All that time Senator Baucus spent watering down the bill and negotiating with Republicans who weren't going to vote for it anyway?" I'm guessing that, come re-election time, when Baucus peeks into his war chest he will decide that it was.


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