11/18/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jimmy Kimmel Sells Blagojevich's Seat For Over $10,000 (VIDEO)

It wasn't a Senate seat, but Rod Blagojevich sold it nonetheless.

A chair from the set of ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" signed by the impeached former governor fetched $10,200 on eBay Thursday night after a week-long auction that saw 67 bids.

Last Thursday, while Blagojevich was on Kimmel's show to plug his new book, the host offered to let his guest sell the chair he was sitting in, describing it as a great money-making scheme that was at the least legal, even if it wasn't exactly ethical.

"You can do whatever," Kimmel said. "You can give the money to charity, you can keep it -- I don't care what you do with it."

Blagojevich made a counter offer, saying he would sell the seat if Kimmel agreed to hire three people who currently don't have jobs. A deal was made.

After the show, Blagojevich signed the seat that has held the bums of Tom Cruise, Mariah Carey, Denzel Washington, Charlize Theron, Shaquille O'Neal and Paris Hilton, among others.

One week and a $10,200 check later, the question is what to do next.

A spokeswoman for "Jimmy Kimmel Live" told the Huffington Post the show plans to use the money to hire three production assistants over the next six months. Kimmel will announce the sale during Friday night's show.

As for Blagojevich, the sale was not quite bleepin' golden. His publicist, Glenn Selig, told the Huffington Post Rod won't see a dime.

"None of the money will go to him," Selig said. "He'll never see or touch any of it."

Selig said he notified Blagojevich of the sale Friday morning.

"He was very, very happy when he found out," Selig said. "He was definitely satisfied."

Watch Blagojevich and Kimmel make their deal: