11/18/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Natural Gas Lobby Steps Into Climate Change Negotiations

Producers of natural gas are readying a lobbying effort before a climate change bill goes before the Senate this fall, reports the Dallas Morning News:

The gas lobby's new outfit, the America's Natural Gas Alliance, plans an $80 million campaign to tout its aims with ads in national and regional publications. The group is united in opposition to new oil and gas taxes proposed by the Obama administration, as well as a House bill that would federally regulate hydraulic fracturing - the water-and-chemical-infused drilling method used to produce most gas in the U.S.

The gas lobby, which was largely been absent from climate change negotiations in the House, is also seeking a "bridge fuel credit," which would reward utilities that switch from coal to natural gas.

Environmental special interest groups including the Sierra Club are backing efforts by the natural gas lobby because the fuel emits 50 percent less carbon dioxide than coal.

UPDATE: A representative from America's Natural Gas Alliance called LobbyBlog with this statement:

"America's Natural Gas Alliance hasn't taken a position on any specific legislation, but is focused on promoting the use of abundant, clean natural gas."

-- Jenna Staul