GMail DOS: GMail Under Attack? (PHOTO)

11/24/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

GMail users are being asked to fill out a CAPTCHA when they log on to GMail. It is believed that GMail, which was down earlier today, suffered a denial of service (DOS) attack that interrupted the application.

GMail users have been receiving the notice that Google's email service is "temporarily unable to access your contacts." Sending and receiving emails has also been problematic for some users, although GMail seems to still be accessible on PDAs.

**Google has provided a workaround to access your email.**

GMail users are seeing the CAPTCHA (below) appearing when they log on and are being asked to complete it to verify that they are people, not bots, using the application.

When GMail is down, you can go to Google's App Status Dashboard to check on the status of the application. Also check here for updates on the outage.

This isn't the first time Google Mail has been experiencing problems. For additional coverage on past interruptions, see here.

See the Twitter feed below for real-time updates on the GMail disruption.