11/28/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

'Beautiful Life' Star Sara Paxton Stranded In NYC With 6-Month Lease, New Furniture, Blown Mind

Production for 'The Beautiful Life' was was halted Friday after just two episodes, leaving in its wake not just legions of disappointed fans but the beautiful LA transplants that populated its struggling-model cast. Sara Paxton, who played the rising fresh face to Mischa Barton's washed up one, told Latina magazine about the ugly turns her life has taken due to the show's cancellation.

Adding insult to injury? Despite taping 7 episodes, the CW has decide to re-air episodes of the new "Melrose Place' rather than air the five remaining 'Beautiful Life' episodes.

From the interview.

On how it went down:

I was sitting in the hair and makeup chair, and I'm getting my hair done just like a normal Friday--we were all excited for Friday. And all of a sudden, they got the call, and the producers had to make an announcement on set that we were done--that we were over! And I was sitting there in shock. I couldn't believe that in the middle of work, the rug was pulled out beneath our feet.

On the ego blow to executive producer Ashton Kutcher:

I think he's just as disappointed as all of us. This had his name on it, and it was his first scripted series. I don't understand how they've given so many shows in the past a chance, and not ours. I mean why ours? Why us? It blows my mind.

On the trials of New York City leases:

We thought we were going to be here until December. Literally we packed up our lives from Los Angeles to New York. I spent two months and thousands of dollars without a paycheck moving to NY. And now they just say, 'oh, peace, you're done?' We all signed 6 month leases, and now we all have to figure out how to get out of our leases, and I have to figure out how to get all my furniture back. I don't know what to do with this NY furniture. We're kind of stranded.

You can read the whole Latina interview here.

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