11/30/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Best Of Letterman's Palin-Inspired Top Ten Lists: Choose Your Favorite! (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin may have resigned, but that hasn't stopped David Letterman from targeting the ex-governor in his monologues and top ten lists. Just last night he unveiled his latest list "Sarah Palin's Top Ten Tips For Writing A Book."

The pair have had a long-standing rocky relationship, beginning when her running mate failed to show up for a scheduled appearance on Dave's show and Dave reacted by mocking her. Their mini-feud exploded the next year when the "Late Show" host made a joke about one of the Palin daughters that Sarah took serious offense to. Dave apologized over and over, but obviously held on to residual anger over the affair that he has used to fuel his many post-resignation Palin jokes.

Here we've collected the The Best Of Letterman's Sarah Palin Top Ten Lists or The Top Ten Sarah Palin Top Ten Lists. Hopefully, you'll forgive us for even thinking of using that title.

Palin Top Tens