Hollywood And Washington, D.C. Are Very Much Alike

12/02/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

In yesterday's Los Angeles Times, John Horn and Tina Daunt wrote about the extent to which the Hollywood community is terribly out of touch with the rest of the country on the matter of Roman Polanski. Their article is worth reading just to experience the pancreas-curdling, sanctimonious bilge that issues from the snackhole of Harvey Weinstein. But what's even nicer about this piece is that at some later date, they can refile it as a broad criticism of the Beltway media elite without making more than a few cosmetic changes. This could save print media, maybe!

You can only imagine how paragraphs like this resonate with me:

"The split between what the rest of the world thinks about Polanski and what Hollywood thinks about Polanski is quite remarkable," said film historian David Thomson. "It proves what an old-fashioned and provincial club Hollywood is. People look after their own."

Seriously. The only difference between their provincial club and ours is that most people finds theirs to be prettier.

Take a look at this paragraph. You'll see what I'm talking about:

When Mel Gibson launched into an anti-Semitic screed following his 2006 arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence, hardly any Hollywood leaders -- agent Ari Emanuel and Sony studio chief Amy Pascal among the few exceptions -- publicly rebuked the actor. The criticism of Hollywood at the time was that in a business contingent on relationships and currying favor with the powerful, no one was willing to denounce such a prominent artist.

Just make the following changes:

--"Mel Gibson" to "the Bush administration"
--"launched into an anti-Semitic screed...of driving under the influence" becomes "launched a pointless, expensive, and detrimental war in Iraq."
--"Hollywood leaders" becomes "Beltway media professionals"
--"actor" becomes "President"
--"Hollywood" becomes "Washington"
--"artist" becomes "politician"

...and voila! It's all just as true as the original!

The only thing I'm missing are suitable replacements for Ari Emanuel and Amy Pascal. I guess Hollywood is two up on us in the "ability to make a lick of damn sense every once in a while" category.

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