03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tweet What You Eat: Twitter Diet Shames People Into Losing Weight (VIDEO)

Move over, Atkins. Step aside, South Beach. The digital age has a new way to lose pounds and it involves more sitting at your computer, and less cardio at the gym.

"Tweet What You Eat" is a Twitter-based food diary that lets you broadcast, in real time, everything you eat and how many calories you've ingested.

The Telegraph explains the Tweet What You Eat "method":

The application, which already has more than 8,000 followers, has a 'CrowdCal system', a completely crowd-sourced calorie database, which fills in food entries' calorie count based on what other members have entered. It allows you to keep track of your weight to see if the diet is working while there is also a forum for dieters to discuss food.

What to know how your snacking compares to your peers'? Sign up for the Tweet What You Eat RSS feed, which will make you feel holy or heavy.

Alex Ressi, the creator of Tweet What You Eat, told the Telegraph his Twitter-based food diary has been a big help to people hoping to lose weight, including British actor Matt Lucas (pictured above) and celebrity Stephen Fry:

People need to be able to share in the success and lean on others. I've had people write in and share stories about 20 pound, 40 pound and the most dramatic - a 70 pound weight loss using the Tweet What You Eat tool and working in conjunction with a nutritionist.