03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Antlers Sawed Off Elk To Emasculate Him (WATCH)

Every year Rocky Mountain elk wander into Estes Park for their fall mating season. The elk usually coexist just fine with Estes Park residents and tourists who flock to the town to see them. But with all of the testosterone flying around during mating season, things can get out of hand. This season, Rick Spowardt of the Colorado Division of Wildlife told 9news, has been particularly rambunctious.

From 9news:

A few days ago, Spowardt received a call from the manager of the 18-hole golf course in Estes Park. He told Spowardt about an aggressive bull elk who was chasing people away from the green. Spowardt decided to check it out, and when he did, the bull elk decided to give Spowardt a run for his money too.

After his run-in, Spowardt decided the best solution was to tranquilize the bull elk, and saw off its horns.

Female elk choose which males to mate with based on the healthiness of their horns, so Spowardt effectively ruined the bull's romantic chances this season.

"I felt sorry for him, but I think it was preferable than him injuring somebody or worse," Spowardt told 9news.

Watch 9 News's report below: