03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Denver Green Chile: Where To Find The Good Stuff (PHOTOS)

The turning of the seasons means only one thing for some Denverites: freshly roasted green chiles.

The most famous ones come from Hatch, New Mexico, (home of the World's Best Chile Pepper) but tasty (and spicy!) chiles come from all over the Land of Enchantment.

You can smell the distinct aroma of said chiles being roasted at local farmers markets and store throughout the Denver-metro area. They come in mild, medium and hot, and are part of what makes Colorado cuisine unique.

Whether you buy a bushel and freeze them, or you are on the continuous quest for Denver's best bowl of green chile, one thing is clear, Denver loves green chile.

As Westword points out, there is a distinct difference between Denver green chile and New Mexico green chile. chile changes on the way from southern New Mexico to Denver -- from the pure verde kick in Hatch to the thin, soupy sauce of Albuquerque, and the steady thickening as you travel north along the green chile trail until you reach the gelatinous goop of Denver, studded with pork, completely missing the original vegetable sweetness of the fruit and encompassing varying levels of heat, from granny-safe to scorching.

Frommer's calls Denver a good city for green chile fiends.

Denver's eateries serve bowl after bowl of good green chili, stuff that ranges from merely spicy to flat-out nuclear.

Where do you go for your favorite green chile? Is it a restaurant, or do you have a recipe you want to share with us?

Click the participate button below to share your favorite green chile with us. Then pinpoint where to find this chile on the map.

We've also put together a slide show of green chiles being harvested down in New Mexico.

New Mexico Green Chile Harvests

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