Timothy Willgruber: Police Say Man Accused Of Accidentally Killing Identical Twin Has Killed Himself

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

BETHLEHEM, Pa. — Authorities in eastern Pennsylvania say a man accused of killing his identical twin brother in a parallel parking accident has killed himself.

Lehigh County Coroner Scot Grim says 56-year-old Timothy Willgruber hanged himself in his Allentown home. His body was discovered Tuesday.

Police say Willgruber faced charges including vehicular homicide and drunken driving stemming from the death of his brother Thomas last month in Bethlehem.

Authorities say Thomas Willgruber was guiding his brother into a parking space when Timothy Willgruber lost control and pinned him against an SUV. Thomas Willgruber died later that night.

Bethlehem police Capt. David Kravatz says Timothy Willgruber was "devastated" after the accident. Family members say the brothers were best friends who rarely went a day without talking.