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Josh Penry, Bill Ritter Tout Third Quarter Fund-Raising Efforts

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From the AP:

Former U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis says he raised nearly $550,000 for his gubernatorial campaign in the latest quarter, topping the amount raised by Gov. Bill Ritter.

The Campaign Managers for the Ritter and McInnis campaigns respectively spoke with the Denver Post.

"I'm surprised he didn't post a much better number given that he (has) done nothing other than raise money," [Ritter Campaign Manager] David Kenney said. McInnis spokesman Sean Duffy used the fundraising totals to again label his candidate as the frontrunner. "It's a big deal to raise that kind of money in a very tough economy with pretty strict (donation) limits,"

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Update: The Denver Post reports that former Lieutenant Governor and Republican candidate for Senate raised $505,000 in the 16 days of the third quarter during which her candidacy was official. By comparison, Democrat Andrew Romanoff raised $200,000 in 21 days during the third quarter.

From Politico:

She raised $505,000 in just 16 days since announcing her candidacy - a total that suggests she'll be financially competitive against either Bennet or his primary challenger, Andrew Romanoff. Her fundraising was aided by former Gov. Bill Owens, who penned a fundraising appeal on her behalf one day before the deadline.

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Colorado Senate Minority Leader and Republican Gubernatorial candidate Josh Penry reported his third quarter fund-raising numbers on Wednesday. Penry touted his total as being similar to incumbent Governor Bill Ritter, whose campaign claims to have raised 452,000 from 70% new donors.

Penry played up his total number of donors to bolster his grassroots credentials.

The Denver Post reports:

Penry announced his total by texting his supporters the following message: "Gov. Ritter has Pres. Obamas fundraising list, but weve got you.We raised $416K from 1500 donors, 300% more than Gov. Ritters 1st qrtr thanks to you! -Josh"

Penry, a Grand Junction native who has never run for statewide office, is competing for the Republican nomination with former Congressman Scott McInnis, who has yet to make any announcement regarding fundraising.

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