03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sanford Pulled Over For Speeding (VIDEO)

Mark Sanford just cannot stay out the spotlight. On Tuesday a highway trooper pulled the governor's car over for speeding. "You got a good reason for running 85?" the trooper asked Sanford's driver. The agent replied that he was driving Sanford.

"Not a really good reason to be speeding," the trooper said.

"Tell him that."

Then the governor introduced himself to the trooper, and no ticket was issued at that time. However, once the issue became public, the police reviewed the tape and the driver was issued a ticket.

The State detected a whiff of hypocrisy here: apparently when Lt. Gov Andre Bauer was stopped for speeding in 2006 and received no ticket, Sanford's spokesperson said at the time that the governor believed "very strongly that preferential treatment should never be a factor when enforcing the law." Fuel for the fire brewing between the two men? Bauer plans to run against Sanford this spring, and has said: "In the spring, we're not going to have to watch reality TV you'll be able to turn on the television and watch it live from Columbia, South Carolina."

Video of the pull-over taken from the trooper's dashboard camera below.

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