Tori Spelling: I Weigh 107 Pounds!

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tori Spelling wants everyone to know that despite tabloid reports otherwise, she weighs a healthy 107 pounds!

The 5'6" mother of two tweets:

Star Mag...LIES! Literally not 1 factual thing in entire article. And, come 2 my house&weigh me Star! I'm 107lbs. if you care about FACTS?!?

Thanks for clearing that up, Tori.

Someone who does not treat Tori told Star magazine she weighs 95 pounds and looks "skeletal," thanks in part to an angry showdown with husband Dean's ex-wife. Maybe two people would have believed that story, but now Tori's 77,572 Twitter followers know that she not only has a frighteningly low BMI of 17.3 but that she is so proud of it she can't round up to a marginally healthier and less obsessive sounding 110.

Here's a picture of Tori at New York Fashion Week:

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