03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Health Reform Sit-Ins Thursday Across U.S.; Police Threaten Arrests

Rather than standing for a cause, people across America are sitting in to draw attention to their frustrations with our country's health care system and the abuses of American insurance companies. This Thursday, hundreds of citizens and health care providers will be staging sit-ins in insurance offices throughout nine major U.S. cities. As an organized act of civil disobedience, coordinated by the Patients Not Profit! campaign of Mobilization for Health Care for All, participants will most likely be leaving these venues in handcuffs. With arrest being a viable consequence for their actions, these individuals are willing to take that risk, as their frustrations with our country's health care system far outweigh a few hours -- or even days -- in the can.

Jump starting this movement two weeks ago, 17 people were arrested in an Aetna office in downtown New York, followed by 7 individuals in a Cigna office in downtown Chicago a week later. Reminiscent of the civil rights movement of the 1960's, these nonviolent protests are expected to send a loud and clear message to the representatives of our cities and nation that a lack of adequate healthcare coverage for all Americans will no longer be tolerated.

From Common Dreams:

The actions are the start of a national movement, coordinated by the group Mobilization for Health Care for All, of people who are fed up with the state of health care in this country, fed up with the state of the health care debate in this country, and are putting themselves on the line for real health care reform. Chanting messages such as "patients not profits," participants in the actions are expected to say that insurance companies that deny people the care that they need for profit are the real death panels. They will show that the legislation currently in the limelight fails to address the real problem, the insurance companies.

If you would like to help continue the movement, you can donate to the Mobilization for Health Care for All campaign. Also, check out where the sit-ins will be taking place. Those unafraid of apprehension will have pillows and blankets ready.