03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Colorado Medical Marijuana Under Fire As Attorney General Suthers, Towns Call For More Regulation (VIDEO)

A KDVR special report last night cited Attorney General John Suthers in claiming that police have been overwhelmed by a rash of crime in areas surrounding medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado. Suthers, a former Bush-appointed U.S. Attorney, has been a consistent advocate for stricter regulation of medical marijuana dispensaries, recently calling for the state medical board to investigate doctors who prescribe marijuana the most.

Suthers called for the state legislature to pass laws to place more control of the marijuana industry in state hands. This would require a constitutional amendment.

The report coincides with the placement of moratoriums on new medical marijuana facilities in the towns of Louisville and Erie.

In the Boulder Daily Camera, officials in the two towns echoed Suthers's sentiment that the state legislature needs to take more control of the industry.

"I am hopeful that the state Legislature will pick this up and give all of us clarity," said Erie Mayor Andrew Moore. "The question is how do you distribute it and how do you make it safe?"...

Mayor Chuck Sisk said he has "real concerns" about where medical marijuana dispensaries would locate. Before giving initial approval to the moratorium, the council banned dispensaries from operating as home-based businesses.

Meanwhile, a judge in Colorado Springs ruled that there is no limit in the state constitution to the amount of medical marijuana one can posses.

Correction: The case of Stephen Thomasin Colorado Springs did not determine a limit for how much marijuana a medical marijuana patient is allowed to carry. Rather, at issue was whether the confiscated pot should be returned to Thomas.

See the KDVR report below: