Dickipedia: Roman Polanski

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
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Roman Polanski is a Polish-French film director, producer, writer, actor, admitted rapist, fugitive, and a serious dick.

One of the more talented rapists of all time, Polanski is best known for films such as "Rosemary's Baby," "Chinatown," and "The Pianist."

In 1977, he was arrested in Los Angeles and pleaded guilty to unlawful intercourse with a minor. To avoid sentencing, Polanski fled to France, a nation that takes pride in its staggeringly high dick population density (one dick per 17 feet). There, he was protected by the country's limited extradition with the U.S. (France holds on to its dicks.)

His decision to avoid jail is not that dickish. In fact it's somewhat understandable, for if the convicted rapist went to prison, he would likely be on the losing end of a little "what's good for the the goose is good for the gander." What is dickish is that in the time since he's left the United States, Polanski has cultivated the image of a sympathetic victim who has been unfairly exiled from the U.S. That however, is not the case. He is not the victim. That title belongs to the 13-year-old he raped.

In September of 2009, Polanski was arrested by Swiss police while trying to enter Switzerland to pick up a lifetime achievement award from the Zurich Film Festival.

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