Washington Post Unveils Redesign

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

WASHINGTON — The Washington Post is introducing a larger typeface and more graphics in its bid to make the print edition easier to read and navigate.

The newspaper also is adding star ratings to movie reviews, new "Local Living" and "Health & Science" sections and another page of opinion.

"We know you're busy, so we're layering in more information in headlines and labeling sections for faster navigation," Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli wrote. "And we're using more graphics and other visual elements to tell big, complex stories, a recognition that the digital world has changed expectations and enabled us to do more."

The 132-year-old newspaper had its last major redesign in 1998.

The Post ran an eight-page special section in Monday's print edition explaining the changes, which include:

_ Local Living: The newspaper is replacing its "Home" and "Extra" sections with a section called "Local Living," which will have stories about "personal health and family matters" as well as a guide to arts and entertainment events.

_ Health & Science: Science coverage expands beyond the current half page devoted to it each week.

_ More opinion: Following the addition of another page of commentary on Sundays, the Post is introducing "Washington Forum" on Fridays on "issues being debated in the nation's capital."

_ Appearance: The newspaper is switching fonts to one it says is more easily readable. Headlines are now in upper and lowercase letters instead of mostly uppercase.

In an online chat with Brauchli, some readers complained about the changes.

Brauchli replied that the design would continue to evolve: "There are myriad things we still need to address, probably including rethinking some of the elements in today's redesign that, in the cold light of day, may not work as well as we'd hoped."