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Magic Mouse Review: 'Sexy,' 'Pretty,' Apple's 'Best Mouse Ever'

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Just out from Apple: the Magic Mouse, the world's first multi-touch mouse.

The sleek new white gizmo has gotten rave reviews, with Gizmodo calling it, "undoubtedly the best mouse Apple's made in years."

The latest mouse from Apple has only one button, is multi-touch, and has done away with the scroll wheel altogether. The device recognizes gestures similar to the ones you'd use on a trackpad -- like two-finger swipes, and vertical/horizontal scrolling.

TechRadar was wowed by the multi-touch mouse (but disappointed it didn't support 'touch zoom'):

The Magic Mouse's multitouch support rocks. You can swipe your index finger across the mouse to scroll a document or webpage or photo left, right, up or down. And while some might prefer the tactility of the traditional scroll-wheel on their current mouse, we have to admit to being immediately enthralled by this simple new design.

While some reviewers (like Gizmodo) love the shape, others, like CNET, say that the slim, trim mouse is uncomfortable and hard to use:

The first issue we raise with the Magic Mouse is its size and shape. While there's no way anyone can dispute its simple hotness, we struggled through a difficult learning curve due to its uniformly narrow profile that sits too low for comfort. It might be because we're so used to the Logitech MX 1100 cradling each of our fingers with a designated resting point, while the Apple Magic Mouse just feels like a chunk of finely carved polycarbonate.

EnGadget raved that the device was user friendly and easy to install:

When we flicked the mouse on it was easy enough to spot it over Bluetooth on our regular Mac, but it only worked with tracking and single click -- none of this capacitive nonsense without a software update, naturally. On the iMac's first boot it was able to pick up the mouse and keyboard without a problem, even letting us use the capacitive scrolling to work through the setup wizard.

The Magic Mouse is available starting October 21, 2009 for $69. See the complete press release from Apple and check out the Magic Mouse at the Apple store.

Read more about Apple's other updates to the Mac line on HuffPost here. For more review roundups, see here.

See a photo of the Magic Mouse below:

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