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Pat Buchanan's Disagrees With 'Obama Is The New Nixon' Comparisons

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Via ThinkProgress, here's video of Pat Buchanan reacting to the comparisons made by Senators Lamar Alexander and Judd Gregg between the Obama White House and the Nixon White House. Pat Buchanan, who was a close confidant of Nixon, scoffed at the idea, calling it "idiotic," because, duh, Nixon was a historically unlovable bastard-creature, who left trails of foul-smelling ichor all over the Oval Office, like a slug. And no one liked Nixon, except for the "Perotistas, and what you might call the tea-party folk" who loved him immensely. Irony!

That's sort of the short version, anyway, of Pat Buchanan. Here's the clip:


In other news: Do you remember when Judd Gregg almost became Obama's Commerce Secretary, for some reason? Why not pause, and reflect on that, for a moment. What a bizarre time in which to live!

Buchanan on GOP and Fox linking Obama to Nixon: 'It is the most idiotic comparison I've ever seen.' [ThinkProgress]

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