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Fox News: John Stossel An Analyst, "Not Part Of The Hard News Division At Fox News"

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With all the attention surrounding the White House's claims that Fox News is not a legitimate news network, it may have come as surprise to hear that Fox Business' latest hire, John Stossel, would be appearing at an anti-health care reform rally.

Greg Sargent wrote:

Yes, Stossel is an on-air personality. But at a time when Fox is embroiled in a high-profile battle with the White House over its legitimacy as a news outlet, it seems less than helpful for one of its proudly touted journalists to participate in an event decrying Obama's health care reform proposals as "government-forced health care."

A Fox News spokesperson, however, explained that Stossel is an analyst for the network, and not a hard news journalist.

"John Stossel is not part of the hard news division at Fox News," the spokesperson told the Huffington Post. "He serves as an occasional analyst for some of the network's programming and will host specials and a forthcoming primetime program on FOX Business Network."