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Gabriela Pochinki: Opera Diva Skips Bill, Shoves Owner At Nice Matin

10/23/09 07:24 PM ET   AP

NEW YORK — An Argentine diva has been charged with creating a ruckus at a Manhattan restaurant, but the case isn't likely to take on operatic proportions.

The case against Gabriela Pochinki was adjourned Friday on contemplation of dismissal. That means the misdemeanor disorderly conduct, criminal trespass and obstructing-government charges will be tossed if she stays out of trouble for six months.

A criminal complaint says Pochinki irked fellow cafe patrons Sunday by yelling into her cell phone, then screamed at a manager and refused to leave when asked by the manager and a police officer.

The soprano says in a statement she's "deeply sorry" about the flap.

Pochinki has appeared in leading roles on stages around the world and recorded several albums.


Filed by Eve Attermann  |