03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Michelle Obama Makes Health Care Reform Appeal As A Woman And A Mom (VIDEO)

In a new video on the official White House blog, Michelle Obama invokes her role as a woman and mother to make the case for health insurance reform.

In the video, the First Lady shares a personal story about her daughter Sasha's meningitis, saying, "If we hadn't had insurance, if we couldn't afford a doctor... Our daughter could have lost her hearing, or possibly even her life."

The White House video entry also includes a personal story from cancer survivor Roxi Griffin, who even with insurance was left with thousands of dollars in medical bills from her life-saving treatment. Kathleen Sebelius explains that a lot of "women have pretty good health insurance coverage for them and their families, until they get sick."

Michelle Obama's passionate argument concludes with a familiar message about health care reform: "If you already have insurance that you like, you keep your insurance. This plan just puts in place some basic rules to protect you from abuses and unfair practices."

"Barack's plan is about ensuring that everyone in this country can care for their families, and follow their dreams, and have the chance to make of their life what they wish," she adds.


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