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Fabrican Spray-On Fabric: Fashion Designer Wants To Spray On Your Shirt (VIDEO)

First Posted: 03/18/10 06:12 AM ET Updated: 05/25/11 03:25 PM ET

Spray On Shirt

*See video below*

Mo Rocca, host of CBS's "The Tomorrow Show," headed to London to give spray-on clothing a try.

Watch designer Manel Torres, creator of Fabrican spray-on fabric, spray on Rocca's shirt, then observe as Rocca takes to the London streets to get a read on whether spray-on fabrics could be the next best thing in fashion.

Judging from reactions -- "It looks like you've had an accident," says one passerby -- it seems it may be destined to go the way of shoulder pads.

Would you wear it?


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Filed by Bianca Bosker  |