03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Verizon's HTC Droid Eris (UPDATED, PHOTOS): $99 Android Phone HANDS ON

Verizon Wireless has officially announced the forthcoming HTC Droid Eris, which, at $99, may be the cheapest Android around.

Wondering what the fuss is all about? Whether it's worth the 99 bucks?

Gizmodo suggests the Droid Eris -- Motorola Droid's "cheap stepbrother" -- won't be running the latest Android 2.0 interface, but is still a good bargain buy:

Though it's been speculated that the Droid Eris will run Android 1.6 and sport a hard-to-get-excited-about 528MHz Qualcomm CPU, it would be the cheapest Android phone yet in the US.

EnGadget thinks Verizon, which has kept relatively mum about the HTC Droid Eris, is "mismanaging" the phone's release and speculates that the phone may be obsolete soon given that it hasn't got the latest 2.0 interface:

We'll see how this all plays out -- HTC certainly has Android 2.0 phones of its own in the works, so the Eris might not be long for this world.

Get up close and personal with the device at BoyGeniusReport, which has photos of the HTC Droid Eris getting unboxed (Phandroid does too).

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