03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tracy And Joanne Rinebarger Found Dead In Rio Grande County; 14-Year Old Son Held As Suspect


Fourteen-year-old John Caudle, suspected in the double homicide of his mother and step-father, appeared in a Rio Grande County court Thursday according to the Valley Courier newspaper from Alamosa, Colorado.

However the judge issued a gag order barring the release of official information or pending charges.

District Judge Martin Gonzales issued a directive that no one be allowed in the courtroom for Caudle's hearing on Thursday aside from the parties to the case. Three Alamosa County Sheriff's deputies guarded the door to the courtroom.

When Courier Reporter Julia Wilson attempted to photograph the teenage suspect outside the courtroom in a public area, Alamosa County Sheriff Deputy Gary Thomas blocked her and told her a gag order was in place and she would not be allowed to take pictures. The deputies on the scene then covered Caudle with a jacket.

Alamosa Sheriff Dave Stong said his deputies were simply enforcing the court's directive not to let anyone in the courtroom.

A cause of death has not been determined, pending autopsies in El Paso County.

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A 14-year old boy was arrested on Wednesday for suspicion of killing his mother and step-father in the San Luis Valley.

9News Reports:

Rio Grande Sheriff Brian Norton said 38-year-old Tracy Aaron Rinebarger and his wife, 33-year-old Joanne Marlee Rinebarger, were found dead inside their home in the 3200 block of County Road 28 near Monte Vista.

Authorities say an adult family member found the bodies at 2 p.m. on Tuesday and called 911.

Norton would not say how the couple died.

The Monte Vista Journal reported that the boy was arrested near Fairplay (about 130 miles north of Monte Vista) for unrelated charges, but most likely for driving without a license. He was driving his mother's pickup truck.

He is currently being held in Alamosa, and charges are expected to be filed by Friday.