Center For Responsive Politics Spotlights Lawmakers-Turned-Lobbyists

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The Center for Responsive Politics examines the all-too-common road from Capitol Hill to K Street -- of the 44 lawmakers to leave Congress midterm, 16 became lobbyists.

The group's analysis showed that of the 16, three are former senators and 10 are Republicans.Florida Sen. Mel Martinez quit Congress and took up lobbying for major law firm DLA Piper a mere two weeks after leaving the Senate, LobbyBlog reported last month.

Martinez came to the firm with $426,220 in cash from his campaign committee, though ethics rules will prevent him from lobbying the Senate for two years.

LobbyBlog reported yesterday on the controversy surrounding former GOP leader Dick Armey whose roles as both a lobbyist and activist appear to have been at odds. Armey began lobbying for DLA Piper shortly after leaving the Senate.

Read the complete list of lawmakers-turned-lobbyists at the Center for Responsive Politics's website here.