03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Recycle Lame Tweets For A Good Cause

A week ago, we told you about Tweetsgiving, a global day of online gratitude that raised enough money to build an internet-equipped school in Tanzania.

But if you thought you had to wait until this Thanksgiving for another chance to give improve the world from the comfort of your keyboard, fear not. Re:cycled Tweets has you covered, plus they'll mock your friends who tweet lame stuff for free.

It's as simple as this. Find a tweet the world could do without (hint: if it has to do with food or work, you're golden)repost your friend's @username, along with their dumb tweet along with the hashtag #recyclethis.

The lame tweet will pop up on the Re:cycled Tweets Web site with the letters rearranged to spell something new and infinitely better, and a penny will be donated to

Check out a more detailed explanation and interview with the site's inventors by CNN:

The money from the recycled tweets goes to the artistic redesign of recycling and compost bins. The bins are then integrated into live events to promote the artwork and encourage recycling.
Global Inheritance, which is behind the Web site and the recycle bin art program, is a nonprofit collective group of individuals and volunteers using creativity to inspire others in their communities. By utilizing websites such as flickr, myspace and youtube, the organization pushes for global change while operating with a small budget and staff.

So stop tweeting about what you're going to have for dinner. You can read more about Global Inheritance and how to get involved or start recycling your tweets right now. Oh, and if you need some guidelines as to what constitutes a lame tweet, check out The Oatmeal's Things You Need To Stop Tweeting About.