03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Terrance Carroll, Josh Penry Trade Barbs After Governor's Budget Announcement

Governor Ritter's surrogates and his opponents traded barbs Thursday over the Governor's recently announced budget cuts. In response to the the Governor cutting $286 million out of the budget Wednesday, Republican candidate for Governor and State Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry suggested that the cuts were a short-term solution, and recommended abolishing certain state programs.

From Penry's press release:

Is it time to abolish the Department of Local Affairs? Is it time to consolidate the bureaucracy over Higher Education? Is it time to eliminate duplicative boards and commissions? Is it time to abolish silos of patronage like the governor's energy office? Is it time to consolidate administrative functions among the state's 178 school districts?

In a statement released in response to Penry, Democrat Terrance Carroll, Speaker of the State House, said he was stunned by Penry's release, and called the "not serious."

I'm stunned: cutting green energy jobs, reducing local control, and dissing the work of a powerful woman on behalf of people of color and children? When Sen. Penry and the Republicans are ready to offer some serious solutions, we're ready to listen.

The spat didn't end there, though. Penry then released another statement accusing Democrats of arriving late to the budget debate, and "hyperventilating" at his suggestions.

Read Terrance Carroll's Press Release Below: