03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hynes Rebuffs Quinn's Call For Truce Following Negative Ad (WATCH)

After weeks of bitter intra-party feuding that has played out in the form of millions of dollars worth of competing TV ads, Gov. Pat Quinn is offering a truce to Democratic gubernatorial rival Dan Hynes.

Gov. Quinn's campaign manager John Kamis issued a statement Monday offering to pull its latest ad -- one that accuses state Comptroller Hynes for being missing in action during the budget crisis -- if Hynes agrees to pull down one that the Quinn campaign says unfairly characterizes the governor's budget proposal.

"Dan Hynes can continue down the negative TV campaign path that he started," Kamis said in the statement, "or he can join Governor Quinn is restoring this campaign to the informative, issues-based principles that Democratic primary voters deserve. We await his decision."

The Hynes campaign wasted no time making its decision, releasing a response statement Monday afternoon eviscerating Quinn for what has come to be known as "the spa ad," which accuses Hynes of spending a leisurely morning at a spa while Quinn was hard at work trying to solve the budget crisis.

"Two days after launching an embarrassingly absurd attack ad that continues to draw derision from outside observers, the Quinn campaign wants a way out," Hynes spokesman Matt McGrath said. "No thanks. We will continue to run our campaign based on a discussion of the central issue facing the state of Illinois and its future - the budget crisis."

Watch Hynes' ad that got the Quinn campaign riled up:

Watch the Quinn "Spa" ad: