Nicole Narain, Sex Addict, Interviewed On Joy Behar Show: "It Was Exhausting" (VIDEO)

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

On The Joy Behar Show tonight, Joy and Dr. Drew Pinsky interviewed Nicole Narain, a Playboy playmate and recovering sex addict, about her struggle towards recovery. In the preview clip CNN has put out, Narain discusses how she used to masturbate all day and still has to remain watchful for triggers that could put her in a relapse:

You know what, I really try hard not to think about masturbating too much. I had a moment there where I really did, I could not get out of bed one day because I was just, it was a constant thing. That was an exhausting day. It was like, I didn't even want to eat food because that was my food for the day. It was exhausting and it was scary because it consumed my entire day and I try very hard not to have any triggers around me where I would feel like I need to masturbate today.

Narain hasn't completely given it up. She is only human, after all: "I'm definitely a lot better . . . I'm still human - don't get me wrong. We all have to clean the pipes once in awhile."


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