03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Alec Baldwin: I Have A Great Ass, I'd Love To Remarry

Alec Baldwin appears on the cover of the new holiday movie preview issue of Entertainment Weekly, promoting his upcoming romantic comedy 'It's Complicated' with costar Meryl Streep. Baldwin, who messily split from Kim Basinger, his wife of eight years, in 2001, talks about his own complicated love life and taking his clothes off for the movie.

On his nude scene:

"[That was] my ass double! You can put that in Entertainment Weekly so people know. I have a great ass, if I may say so. That's a part of my body that needs no surgical enhancement or rearranging."

On teaching daughter Ireland about love and loss:

"I had a pretty tough divorce myself, so sometimes I sit there and I go, 'Well, should I have worked it out? Maybe I should have tried harder.' It's also what you teach your children about their love lives. That's a big thing for me, to teach my daughter: No risk, no reward. I want her to realize that it's a roll of the dice. Not everybody gets so lucky, where they have a family and a marriage forever and ever."

On the prospect of getting married again:

"People say, 'Do I believe in getting married?' Oh yeah, of course I do. I'd love to get married again," he explained before adding with trademark deadpan: "I have to find a really rich woman so I can stay home and read books all day."

You can read more of the EW interview here.

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