Will Forte Reads From Motley Crue's Autobiography (VIDEO)

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Back in 2005 Bea Arthur roasted Pamela Anderson by reading the Playmate's book aloud. "I've just finished reading her new novel, 'Star Struck.' Very's a terrific book. The story concerns a blond very large breasted actress, surprisingly named Star, who becomes actively involved with a tattoo rocker and gets involved in a sex tape scandal, Pam where do you come up with this?!" She said, before launching into deeply NSFW sections of book.

Well, now it's Tommy Lee's turn. Pam's on-again-off-again lover and member of the band Motley Crue was honored by Will Forte recently in the exact same manner. Yes, Forte read a section of Motley Crue's book "The Dirt" that focused on Lee's "romance" with Heather Locklear:

"She wasn't the kind of chick that I could take back to the van like Bullwinkle, or have group sex with in a jacuzzi like Honey. No she was a real woman, a good girl, and more famous than me."


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