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Alice Madden, Governor Ritter's Climate Advisor, Stops Taking Money From The Center For American Progress

First Posted: 03/18/10 06:12 AM ET Updated: 05/25/11 03:40 PM ET


The Denver Post reports that Alice Madden, Governor Ritter's climate change coordinator has resigned from here role at the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank, after concerns were raised over a potential conflict of interest:

Madden Told The Denver Post:

"I take to heart their worry that there may be an appearance of potential conflict. I also have little doubt that keeping the fellowship, which I have openly held for almost two years, would be used in partisan attacks against Governor Bill Ritter."

In a recent Huffington Post blog, Jessica Corry of the libertarian Independence Institute commented on Madden's salary arrangement, which is largely covered by nonprofits:

At first glance, the arrangement may seem to ease the burden on drained public coffers, but with three powerful foundations writing the checks, Madden's decisions should be, at minimum, tainted by the appearance of bias.

The AP reports that the Center for American Progress had been paying Madden, a former state legislator, $3,000 per year.


Filed by Ethan Axelrod  |