03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

FLASHBACK -- Lou Dobbs's Past Bluster: "It's Killing The Left... That They Can't Force CNN To Fire Me"

Here's a reminder of how now-resigned-from-CNN Lou Dobbs used to bellow on and on about his various persecution complexes, and as recently as August 14, blustered to his radio audience that "It's just killing the left... that they can't force CNN to fire me."

DOBBS: You know, it's just killing the left wing in this country that they can't force CNN to fire me. They're coming after me with everything they've got. I'm used to it. They've been doing it since...what would it be? I'm going to say 2000, 2001, 2002, when I started criticizing, in earnest, the Bush administration, and ultimately was blackballed by the Bush administration. The left wing, this time, is just as committed as the right wing used to be, coming after me for talking about free trade policies and they wanted to absolutely destroy me, and the National Association of Manufacturers dedicating entire websites to me because I was criticizing manufacturing policies -- or the lack of a manufacturing policy. This is just crazy stuff.


Well, it was "just crazy stuff." But ultimately, the lion's share of "crazy stuff" -- the weird leprosy claims, the legitimizing of the "birther" movement, the weird "North American Union" conspiracy mongerings, the overheated anti-immigrant rhetoric -- was authored by Dobbs himself. And that's what brings pressure from quarters where rational thought is held in esteem.

So, while Lou Dobbs had a healthy coterie of detractors, as well as a vivid imagination that permitted him to think that enemies lurked in every shadow, it's important to remember that Dobbs himself is ultimately responsible for his own misfortunes. And CNN? Well, they aren't going to miss Lou Dobbs one little teensy bit.

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