03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Rick Morrissey, Chicago Sportswriter, Literally Eats His Own Words (VIDEO)

Thanks to the Columbia Journalism Review, Eat The Press is proud to finally bring you an example of actual press being actually eaten. Oh, frabjous day!

I rather like the example set here in this video, where Chicago Tribune columnist Rick Morrissey, having been the author of an "unflattering assessment of Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah" -- an assessment that ultimately proved to be incorrect -- sits down with the vindicated Noah and proceeds to eat his own words. By which I mean, he takes his story and literally gets his mastication on, while a joyful Noah looks on. Maybe sportswriter Rick Reilly should consider what wine will best wash down his many hysterically wrong predictions about the Denver Broncos!



Naturally, this is all sort of a good-spirited goof, but I rather like Noah's statement, "Finally, a reporter is taking some accountability for what he's doing." Imagine if this was the standard means by which journalistic accountability was enforced. Why, so many so-called Iraq War experts would be presently choking down the reams of paper upon which they got the war wrong, that there wouldn't be anyone available to get the War in Afghanistan wrong! And, naturally, the high fiber intake would make the alimentary canals of many columnists practically frictionless for life.

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