03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

M.C. Hammer: Too Legit To Talk About Harem Pants

Call this season's baggy trousers what you will--harem pants, genie pants, parachute pants, "looks-like-you-might-need-a-diaper-change" pants--but definitely don't call them 'Hammer Pants,' at least not to the former musician's face. The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article on the saggy style, and the king of the side shuffle refused to comment:

The billowy style re-emerged with M.C. Hammer in the club scene of the late 1980s. For those who grew up listening to the rapper's music, the pants evoke an automatic association with Mr. Hammer, whose given name is Stanley Burrell. Fabiola Beracasa, a New York fashion consultant who was an early adopter of harem pants, was wearing a pair while admiring a painting at an art auction when a stranger tapped her on the shoulder. "Hammer time!" he shouted, before they both began dancing "the M.C. Hammer side shuffle," she recalls.

Mr. Burrell declined to comment. His publicist said he's trying to redefine himself as a social-media expert, and, as such, is distancing himself from the pants.

However, that hasn't stopped harem pants from parading down fall fashion weeks' runways or selling off the shelves at H&M and Zara. What do you think of the trend?

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